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Waterlase is the all-tissue laser trusted by the most dentists worldwide, with over 27,300,0001 patients treated. Its unrivaled clinical versatility – with the ability to treat hard-tissue, soft-tissue and bone – gives you unmatched results in treatment outcomes and outstanding ROI making it the essential addition for your successful practice today.


Unrivaled Clinical Versatility


Waterlase iPlus has over 80 different indications for soft-tissue, hard-tissue and bone — more than any other laser. As your clinical skills grow, the number and type of procedures you perform grows with you.

  • Give your patients the best possible dental experience
  • Be one of the first to offer your patients single-visit, multiple-quadrant, minimally invasive dentistry
  • Add incremental procedures to your practice to retain patients and attract new ones
  • Reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity


Innovative Dentistry


Simple, efficient and effective root canal therapy. Minimally invasive technique conserves remaining tooth structures for increased stability in restorations.

  • 99.7% Reduction in bacterial counts in the root canal approaches sterilization
  • Bacteria CFUs 2.86x lower than the most effective NaOCl solution
  • Reduces risk of reinfection
  • Effective on most resistant bacteria – e.faecalis
  • Only 2-3 minutes for disinfection vs. 20-30 minutes with NaOCl


Intuitive Graphic User Interface

Waterlase iPlus has more clearances and indications than any other dental laser. As your clinical skills grow, the number and type of procedures you will perform grows with you.

  • Increase productivity and add incremental revenue with 56 pre-set procedures for select and go treatment
  • Expand your practice capabilities with the NEW REPAIR Perio and REPAIR Implant Apps to assist in the managment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis
  • Take control of tissue with adjustable settings as needed


Flexibility You Deserve

The Waterlase iPlus has the lightest, most flexible trunk fiber ever. Titanium fiber cable and an extremely small diameter give the Waterlase iPlus handpiece virtually zero resistance in your hand to help eliminate fatigue so you can easily access any treatment site. Words don’t really describe it — you have to try for yourself.

  • Redesigned optics efficiently deliver precise laser energy to cut enamel, dentin, and bone for increased precision and less destruction
  • Optimized to provide more uptime with a replaceable, disposable shield for better dependability
  • Decrease your treatment fatigue with the most flexible, tension free delivery system available
  • Improved clinical access and comfort with the SureFireTM exclusive contra-angle handpiece, navigate subgingivally with ease


Access You Need

The Waterlase iPlus features the only illuminated contra-angle handpiece on any dental laser. BIOLASE’s patented contra-angle design allows you to easily and precisely move the laser tip around the treatment site, giving you access to those difficult to reach posterior cases, while the illumination of the handpiece provides the visibility you need. The iPlus handpiece is also the smallest handpiece, an important consideration for pediatric patients and working in the back of the mouth.

Waterlase iPlus ® All-Tissue Laser

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