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Streamhealth Group, LLC. (Streamhealth) terms & conditions stipulate the agreement entered by the visitor of this site ("you") and the nature of the relationship present hereinafter. By the access and navigation of our website you have agreed to the following terms & conditions applicable to it.

We make our best effort to constantly add and maintain current and updated information available in our website in relation to prices, products, services, conditions, payments, forms, etc. We do not, however, guarantee the correctness of the same information at all times; it is your responsibility to assure the accuracy of the displayed information in this website at a specific time. The information provided by Streamhealth via a direct contact with you will always be considered the most accurate when compared to the one displayed on this site. 

Streamhealth reserves all the right to change, update, remove, modify the content of this website whenever if feels necessary and without prior notice. This includes products, texts, forms, prices, images, materials, and every single component that composes this site. 

All the components of this website are property of Streamhealth. By navigating our site you agree to not download, reproduce, copy or acquire any information coming from this site for any other purpose than your own information about our products and brand. You must not engage in defamation of our company or any illegal action using any material associated with this website. All public usage of the materials presented on this website can only be utilized by customers or third parties under Stramhealth's written permission.

By using this website, Streamhealth may ask for and acquire your personal information. The information provided by you to Streamhealth is only used for the better performance of our company and our business operations. This may include but is not limited to purposes of logistics, pricing, offers, communication with our customers, loyalty memberships, coupons, calls, emails, etc. We do not share your information with any third party not affiliated with Streamhealth. We may only share your information with parties affiliated with Streamhealth for the purpose of the improving the operation of our business. For further information, please revise our Privacy Policy.

The Terms & Conditions expressed in this page together with our Privacy Policy and Returns & Shipmentscomprehend the agreement entered by you and Stremhealth as you navigate and access the content of our website. If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please email .

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