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Streamhealth Group, LLC. ("Streamhealth") recognizes and respects the importance of your personal information. As part of our operations, we request personal information from our clients which is safely guarded by us. We consider an honor and a responsibility to keep such information. The following Privacy Policy stipulates what kind of information might be requested from us and the purposes behind them.

We may ask for information such as your name, physical company name, telephone number, email address, order number, etc. We also leave up to our customer's option the extent of information that must be volunteered by them us; otherwise indicated as "Required". The sole purpose of this information collection is the for improving the operations and administer our business. Streamhealth has no interest in commercializing, selling, sharing, your information for any other purpose than the one previously stated. This includes but is not limited to fluent communication with our customers, improving our products and services, setting updates for our website for a better experience, current and future orders, special offers and benefits, email listings, alerts on current payments, etc.

The information collected by Streamhealth may only be shared with parties affiliated with our company. This includes agents and suppliers. No information volunteered to Streamhealth is provided or shared to any third-party with no relationship to our company. The sole purpose of our sharing of information is to improve the operation of our business, as previously stated.

We restrict the collection of information from children under the age of 13. This website is not intended for the use of children, in a way that if you fit that profile please stop navigating our website immediately.

If you may want to have your information erased from our files, or you may want to unsubscribe from our mailing list, or you may have any questions, concerns, or recommendation on how we can improve our Privacy Policies; please contact .

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