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Built on the award-winning platform of the Trophypan Smart panoramic system, the Trophypan Smart SC features the world's fastest cephalometric imaging technology and tracing software. With a full range of available image formats, and powerful software features, the Trophypan Smart SC is an ideal choice for everyday orthodontic and oral surgery applications.


Scanning Record Time High-Quality Images


  • State-of-the-art image processing and advanced imaging technology
  • Preset orthodontic filters optimize visualization of hard and soft tissues with just one click
  • Trophy Adapt module delivers impressive image clarity
  • Scan an 18 x 24 cm image in as little as three seconds using quick mode


Exclusive Automatic Tracing


  • Automatic full tracing within 90 seconds
  • Automatic recognition of anatomical structures
  • Most common analysis needs are covered - Ricketts, McNamara, Steiner and Tweed
  • Dual sensors. No need to change the sensor between examinations, less risk


TROPHYPAN SMART SC® Panoramic and Cephalometric System

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