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Designed for maximum simplicity, the Trophy Scan imaging plate system lets you expose, scan and view. Images open on your computer screen, and the plate automatically erases when you are finished. You can capture images, scan plates and review images - all from the dental chair.


The Trophy Scan produces impressive image quality (19 lp/mm) and includes advanced image processing tools that optimize contrast. Trophy Adapt preprogrammed filters enable you to enhance images according to your diagnostic needs. Advanced algorithms generate images with details that are more visible and helpful in the diagnostic process.


Designed to fit your workspace - and budget


With its affordable price, high reliability and low maintenance costs, the Trophy Scan is a cost-effective solution for any practice. Because it's digital, you can immediately eliminate your film and chemical expenses. The plates can be reused hundres of times, and replacements - when needed - are priced reasonably. The space-saving design and quiet scanning process make the system ideal for chairside use.


Accomodate patients with plates for pediatric, periapical and bitewing exams in three sizes: 0,1,2.

TROPHY SCAN ® Imaging Plate System

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  • Available in Latam & Caribbean