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New, improved Sensibles is a "universal" sensor positioning system that does it all. The bite block locks down tight to form a custom-fit around any size sensor in either the horizontal or vertical position. After use, simply press the quick release button, remove your sensor and autoclave your Sensible Bite Block.


Sensibles feature a unique "floating" bite block. When taking a bitewing you simply slide the bite block to the approximate mid-line of your sensor! The locking bumpers hold the bite block in place. It's quick, easy, and one bite block does it all!


Sensibles come in two sizes. Large is suited for most size 1 & 2 sensors in vertical position. Medium is suited for most size 1 & 2 sensors in the horizontal position, and any size 0 sensors in either the vertical or horizontal positions. Once you try them, you'll quickly find yourself relying on just one size Sensible for the majority of your x-rays!


Color coded sizes. Quick and wasy to use. Versatile, autoclavable and economically priced.

SENSIBLES ® Universal Sensor Holder

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