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Discover how accommodating technology can be with the RVG 6200—Carestream Dental’s latest innovation in digital intraoral sensors. With a simplified workflow designed to work for you (not the other way around), the RVG 6200 features straightforward installation and integrates easily with most imaging and dental practice management software. Of course, the image is most important when it comes to intraoral sensors. That’s why the RVG 6200 features the CS Adapt module, a set of user-defined image processing tools that allow users to establish their own default settings to capture the right image every time. Best of all, you can start using the RVG 6200 immediately—all while improving your current workflow. After all, why should you adapt to technology when technology can adapt to you?


  • 24 lp/mm true image resolution promotes maximum diagnostic precision
  • New CS Adapt module allows users to define up to four favorite anatomic modes from 40 filters in 10 pre-set families, resulting in a customized comfort zone for every appointment
  • Ergonomically optimized rear entry cable attachment facilitates comfortable positioning
  • Sensor cable is 20% thinner and more flexible than previous models of RVG sensors for improved sensor placement
  • Workflow is reduced by two steps and is optimized to the extreme: Position. Expose. View.

RVG 6200 ® Intraoral Sensor

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