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Surgery, Whitening and Pain Relief all at your fingertips


Gummy Smile Reduction: Epic X helps your patients smile more confidently with bloodless, aesthetic gingivectomies.


Laser-Assisted Hygiene: Put Epic X to work in the hygiene room with productive perio and hygiene procedures.


TMJ and Pain Relief: Epic X can provide your patients with relief from pain associated with TMJ.


Laser Orthodontics: Ideal for ortho applications, Epic X delivers bloodless, predictable soft-tissue surgeries.


Herpetic Lesion Therapy: For patients with cold sores or canker sores, Epic X offers pain relief and promotes healing.


Teeth Whitening: Epic X offers complete in-office whitening in less than 45 minutes of total chair time including setup!


Provide Pain Relief: Epic X is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ dysfunction and other oral maxillofacial pain.

EPIC X ® Diode Dental Laser

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