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High-Speed Continuous Scanning: The TROPHY 3DI PRO’s unique continuous scanning capabilities significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire a scan. Your patients spend less time in the chair while you easily acquire all the essential data you need to create an impression in record time.


  • Scan in a smooth, uninterrupted pattern
  • Quickly and easily acquire dual arch scans
  • Eliminate the impact of unsteady hands or fidgeting patients between successive views for more accurate digital impressions
  • A broad focal range provides the flexibility you need while scanning
  • Acquire optimal scans without having to keep the scanner at a fixed distance


Any Time, Anywhere Matching: With the Intelligent Matching System, freely complete any missing data in any area at any time.


  • Jump to any position in the mouth at any point in the scanning process to fill in missing information
  • No need to indicate an exact location to the system—simply move and scan


Show and Tell in HD 3D: Full HD 3D color images offer enhanced image quality with more vivid color and texture for better doctor/patient communication and increased case acceptance.


  • 3D HD color better reflects the reality of the in-vivo situation
  • Stunning, highly-detailed images provide the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification
  • Convenient TROPHY MeshViewer improves communication with laboratories and referrals 

TROPHY 3DI PRO ® Intraoral Scanner

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